He keeps a watch over us

This cormorant acts like a sentinel on the waterfront. He sits on the top of the left hand crane (from our perspective) almost every night. My big lens can just about cope with this but, unfortunately, the shot is always going to be against the sun – unless the sun starts to sink in the east for a change!


One day, I might just catch him with his wings extended.


Back again – sort of

Well, I am trying to get this thing back again. Having got my own health issues under control and getting a lot of other stuff tidied up, I have decided to have another go at a blog from the Ipswich Waterfront. This time it is going to be a lot simpler.

No web cams, no weather stations, no extended chat – just photos and captions. Oh, and not every day, just when there is something interesting to show. Also, I do not intend to restrict this to just the waterfront. I am regarding it as a photographic blog of my life and interest, which means that you will get to see where else we go that provides an interesting image plus regular updates on my hobbies.

I expect to be taking and using more images than I would want to post here so i shall be regularly linking to a new Flickr photo site to back up thisĀ  blog.

It should be interesting. Let me know what you think as we go along.