Monday to Wednesday on the Quay Wall rebuild

They have been very busy. The strange construction was built to make a secure place to mount the four walkways that they needed. They then used the electric pile driver to insert some girders at the other end. This created a very secure platform, on two levels, to enable them to start the piling proper. They got eight piles in but then found a problem – I would guess that they were slightly off upright – so they took them all back up and re-inserted them.

The pile driver is very noisy when at full throttle and the shake can even be felt through the floor of our living room! I have made a short video of the events. Turn the sound up for the full effect.


Now, we have something new. I have been trying to find a way to get a slideshow directly into this page. Although the Lightroom slideshows that I put on the last post are very good, they need to be on a separate page and that means faffing about with links and page changing which is not good. WordPress has a Gallery function that I have just found. It does show all of the included images as thumbnails, as you can see below. However, clicking on any one of the images gets you into a much better sized image included in a slideshow. To get out of the slideshow, you just click on the cross X at the top left hand corner.

They are now in the process of moving the walkways further across so they are un-welding and welding. There was a new delivery of the steel piles this morning. I guess that this will be a regular occurrence. They have 45 metres of this to do and it is supposed to be finished by the end of the month. Remember that when they have all the piling in place, they will still have to back fill it and grade the to level.


Orwell Quay works – a new perspective

We had a wander down the quays this morning and had a coffee at the Cult cafe. It’s a great place to go for a snack or breakfast. It is always thronging with families and has an eclectic collection of tables, chairs, sofas etc. Try it sometime. On the way back I took the opportunity to take some ground floor images of the works. I only had my phone on me so I couldn’t mess about with the exposures to get rid of the fencing. Still it’s better than nothing. First off, though, I want to apologies to all of those unable to see my Flickr slideshow yesterday. To make up for it, I have re-done the show using my old favourite Adobe Lightroom. As I normally do for the model club shows that I put together, I have done two different versions. One uses Adobe Flash. This makes a great slide show but Flash doesn’t work on iPhones and iPads so I also provide one using standard HTML which DOES work.

The Flash version is available HERE.

The HTML version is HERE.

OK, that done, here are today’s images. Firstly, I have taken one of the mysterious construction that they put together on Friday. If anyone has a notion what this is for, please tell me – although I expect it to become obvious as the weeks go by.










Orwell Quay new works Part 1.

There is lots of activity going on. They have started putting some guide pilings in. There as been a lot of sorting out of steel girders. They have been painting 1m marks on a few of them – obviously to get a good level across the quay. First off, they dropped one girder in and established the depth to the bottom – it seems that this is about 4m. They then took a much longer girder and drove that into the bed for a long way. The pile driver is electrically driven rather than using a dropping weight so it is nowhere near as noisy as I expected. All you get is a quiet electrical force sound as the girder moves in. They have also constructed a girder framework on the left hand end of the quay – to what end it is not apparent! We shall watch this with interest. As there are loads of photos, I will put together an album in my Flickr account. Here is the current state of play.


here is the current Flickr Album:

Orwell Quay Part 1