Patteson Road had is finally fully reopened!

Scaffolding is progressing in Anchor Street. They have now blocked off the two access ramps from Anchor Street up to the Podium.

There has been a little survey boat coming and going from the Wet Dock. This is the survey boat Northern Wind.

Lastly, we have the regular visit by Suntis. They are using two cranes to speed up the unloading.

A general runaround the estate

All the scaffolding has finally gone from No. 7.

I have had an email regarding the block paving outside of the Aurora. I am told that the cement infill is just temporary whilst they get a new stock of the granite sets as all the ones left were broken.

The post that I previously said was for a lamppost was incorrect. The post now has a parking notice for the Aurora carpark. As did Callum some years ago, the Aurora now has parking restrictions on their car park. You need to register with them to avoid getting a stiff parking fine. Callum took it off because it caused some friction with customers who forgot to register so we shall see how this goes.

Lastly, the scaffolding is now almost complete on No.1 Anchor Street so we shall see if they wrap them up for Christmas.

Cranes and Shoes

Well, you may remember when they were putting the scaffolding up on No. 7 that they needed a special crane to lift the support over the doorway. There was only one crane available that could stretch across and still lift the girder that they needed. Well, that crane came from a Colchester company but the vehicle, I noticed, had a German registration plate. It seems that it was brand new and the UK company had bought it in from Germany but had not had enough time to re-register it. Well, it was needed again last week as the girder needed putting back. Here is a photo of the vehicle. Notice that it now has a UK registration.

Back to old times. I have had a new car since August and every time I have taken it out, I have put it back in the underground car park – until last Wednesday when there were spaces on the Waterfront so I left it there. Guess what. It snowed. So my car was fully iced up! Typical luck. Anyway, looking around in Patteson Road and parking is getting back to normal. However, I wonder what these were doing left on the pavement?

If they are yours then dash round and secure them as they won’t be there long – grin.

As some goes down, some go up!

No. 7 is very nearly clear of scaffolding. The big girder across the doorway was removed earlier in the week. I missed the event which had the huge German built crane back as it is the only thing that can stretch that far and still lift. Andy Knight got a photo and I hope he can share it with me but I haven’t had it yet.

The scaffolding is going up quickly on Anchor Street – the buildings have less floors. here is where we are currently with No. 1.

As you can see, we had a sprinkling of snow overnight. Funny story – I got a new car about 2 1/2 months ago and every time I have finished with it, I have put it in the underground car park. That is, until Wednesday lunchtime when the west side of Capstan was empty of cars so, for the first time, I parked it out front. What happens? It snows and my car is all iced up when I want to go out this morning!

Lastly, I might have mentioned that I have sold my Olympus Mirrorless camera and extra lens as the whole lot was getting almost no usage now that I can’t get to my scale plastic model club in Clacton – my mother-in-law is with us and has difficulty walking so I am needed to help her at bedtime! As my mobile was coming up for renewal, I used some of the money to upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy to an Apple iPhone 15 max. This gives me a 48mp camera and a 10x optical zoom. That’s right a 10x optical zoom. Here is my first test. I am sitting in my living room in the block down by the wood yard and this is an image taken of the Winerack which is way down over beyond the Old Customs House. As the crow flies, the Winerack is 1km (1090 yards) from us. This is very good. I think that I will not be hampered without my old camera.

Christmas arrives and it rains

I had to take my wife’s cousin back to her hotel – she came down from Sheffield for a visit – which left me outside close to 9pm. I saw that the lights were on the Christmas tree down at the Uni so a cold run in my wheelchair was called for.

It was quite cold and starting to rain but in the distance I could hear commands being shouted. Not being sure what was going on, I turned round for home to find the Sea Cadets – whose base is down near the Lock – had marched up to the Merchant Seamen war memorial and were lined up before it.

It was a cold night for standing around, especially as the rain started. I took a quick photo and scurried off home.

Not quite what we wanted

Yesterday, I wrote about Cadent replacing the blocks outside the Aurora – “They started relaying the blocks here but it seems to have stalled as we haven’t seen any action for a couple of weeks.” Maybe I prompted them into action. If so, then they haven’t done it correctly.

It seems that they might have run out of the correct granite blocks. Now, I have to be careful because I always say that my job is to report and not comment but looking at the result today, with some prompting from others, I have to say they have not done a good job. As they seem to be missing the blocks, they have just filled in the block paving with concrete.

Best of all, we had a street lamp here. What we have now is just a pole with nothing on the top.

It may be that these are just temporary fixes – we can hope – but if I see Martin from Cadent I will ask him about it.

Secondly, work is starting on the tiles on Anchor Street. They are working across at ground level while the scaffolding is going up.

No 7 and Gas

The scaffolding is really coming down on 7 Anchor Street now. We will soon be clear just as it goes back up for 1 to 5.

We still have the Gas works though. I thought that they were due to be clear by the latest the 6th of November but here we are on the 21st and Patteson Road is still blocked as is John Street. I guess that AListers at Aurora are sick of it being along the front of them and restricting their car park/

They started relaying the blocks here but it seems to have stalled as we haven’t seen any action for a couple of weeks.

A Bright Winter’s Day

I had to go up to Fore Street Post Office to post a birthday card. They have a 5pm collection there, unlike the post box outside Tesco in Duke Street. It is a lovely sunny day, if a bit cold. My hands get cold so I must remember to wear my gloves next time.

As I left the Podium it occurred to me that I don’t talk about 7 Anchor Street. They have been wrapped like us and deserve some coverage. So here it is.

As I got up to the University I was pleased to see that they have erected the Christmas Tree again. I don’t think that it will be lit yet, though.

On my way back, I had to go to Aqua Pharmacy in Duke Street. I haven’t really covered what is going on with the University buildings, which have a cladding issue as well as us.

Some of their work is being carried out using lifters (not sure what the correct term is).

Once I had bought my cake in Tesco, I rode on round down Patteson Road, which is now open at both end although I thought that the date for Cadent to finish was firstly the 26th October, then the end of October and then 6th November. I haven’t seen the boss – Martin – for a few weeks but when I see him, I will get an update. Anyway, I wanted to update the blog regarding Anchor Street so here we go.

First off, they are working on the west – or Podium – side. They are digging some big holes to get to sold ground for the scaffolding.

They are starting on the main scaffolding.

Round on Anchor Street itself, they are working their way down the road and round into Patteson Road.

Coming back to our block, we are pretty much free of scaffolding now – at last.

I have some questions for Steve or Andy when I see them – mainly as to what is to happen about the brickwork on Anchor Street. Taking that off and putting it back would be a big task. More when I bump into them.

Lastly, I went to the “meet the neighbours” last week. It was good to chat to everyone. I can recommend going to the next one.

Progress on clearing 51 Patteson Road

We have even more daylight from the apartment. We expect to be clear sometime today or early tomorrow.

Our apartment in the one directly above the Carter’s offices. Ours is the one on the right of the pair.

Also, you can see how they are getting on around the Podium entrance.

The scaffolding in the car park is now gone for 51 whilst the new people are starting to fit out the more easterly end of the underground car park ready to support the scaffolding for Anchor Street.

Quite why they have chosen scaffolding firms that are far away is a mystery when there must be good firms here in Ipswich. Apex, who do 51 and 7, come down from Lowestoft every day whilst the new people are based in Bury St. Edmunds. No slur meant as the people from Apex are very good and pleasant to talk to. The only guy I have spoken to from the new company travels down from Bungay each day!